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Majoring in Middle Eastern Studies can take you where you want to go!

The Middle Eastern Studies Program (MESP) is an interdisciplinary area studies program, comprising faculty members drawn from the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences within the School of Arts and Sciences. It offers a major and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, as well as courses on the history, politics, cultures and religions of the Middle East. The MESP also organizes and sponsors a range of social, cultural, and educational events related to the Middle East, in conjunction with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), ensuring an informative and immersive environment at Rutgers to study the region.

Students majoring or minoring in the program will benefit from a wide array of Middle Eastern Studies resources at Rutgers. There are 91 core courses which fulfill non-language credit for the major and minor, which are regularly offered by MESP itself, the Department of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL), Art History, History, Jewish Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion. In addition, MESP also cooperates closely with AMESALL, the Department of Jewish Studies, and the Armenian Studies Program to offer instruction up to the advanced level in a number of languages of the region, such as Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. In total, Rutgers-New Brunswick regularly offers a total of 152 courses of interest to students of the Middle East, including 32 language courses.

The Middle Eastern Studies Program is part of the School of Arts and Sciences

As a Middle Eastern Studies major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have full access to a liberal arts education that spans 47 programs for undergraduates. You will acquire both the specialized knowledge of the field you choose to study in depth, and broad knowledge of the world from the renowned scholar-teachers at Rutgers. You’ll graduate ready to meet contemporary challenges in your workplace, in your hometown, and in the global community.

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