01:685:499 Senior Seminar in Middle Eastern Studies - Synopsis (3 credits)

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Subtitle: U.N. and Middle East Crises (Fall 2020)

Course Description

This course is designed to get students of Middle Eastern studies and political science acquainted with the heavy involvement of the United Nations in the Middle East since its inception. It will be held as a seminar for graduate and junior and senior undergraduate students. Students will be working in groups to prepare and come present the issue to be followed by discussion and critical conclusions. Each class will focus on one of the major Middle East issues that were examined by the United Nations throughout its history. The group will develop a position paper regarding the subject matter and deliver it in the form of an end of term presentation and research paper. 

Required Texts

1. Fasulo, Linda, An Insider’s Guide to the UN, Yale University, Second Edition 2009. 
2. Malone, David, The UN Security Council: From the Cold War to the 21st Century, (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, Col. 2004) 
3. Mingst, Karen and Margaret Krans, The United Nations in the 21st Century, (Westview Press, 2012 Fourth Edition)


Attendance and participation 10%
Mid-Term exam 40%
Position paper and presentation 50%