01:685:240 Muslims and Islamic Institutions in America - Synopsis (3 credits)

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Pre-requisites: None

Course Description
This course will be a general overview of the Muslim experience in America and the particular issues Muslims' face as they find their space in America. We will survey the history of Muslims in America and analyze issues relevant to the growth and development of selected Muslim communities in America. The main topics include: the immigrant Muslim experience from enslaved African Muslims to the influx of immigrants from the Middle East and South Asia; and terrorism, discrimination and anti-Islam hate.

Course Learning Goals

Students will be exposed to diverse expressions of Islam through independent research on Muslim communities and institutions in the United States.

*Credit will not be given for both this course and 01:014:355

Required Texts
Please see full course syllabus.


Attendance 10%
Participation in weekly discussions 15%
Group presentation (1) 20%
Group presentation (2) 20%
Mid-Term 20%
Final short paper 15%