01:685:346 Media in the Arab World - Synopsis (3 credits)

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Pre-requisites: None

Course Description
This course will examine the main theories of the press and how these theories apply to the media in the Arab World. The course will trace the development of Arab Media from early periodicals in mid-nineteenth century to today's satellite stations and electronic media. Emphasis will be placed on influential channels such as Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, and other competing news channels to see how these outlets are shaping Arab public opinion and political perspectives.
The course will select a number of topics, such as the Arab-Israeli conflict and the war in Iraq to see how they were covered by Arab media in comparison with Western media.
Lecture will be accompanied by clips from Arab and foreign media outlets in order to demonstrate the perspectives of Arab media and highlight the differences in news coverage within Arab media itself and with foreign media outlets. In addition, a number of documentaries will be shown throughout the course and at least one Arab media expert will be invited to address the class.
Students will be requested to produce a media project by the end of the course and present it to the class. During this course, students are encouraged to cover social media and the role it played in the Arab Spring.

*This course is cross listed with 04:567:473; credit will not be given for both courses.

Required Texts
Please refer to syllabus distributed on first day of class.

Note: A number of video clips, documentaries, and short films will be shown during the course. In addition, guest speakers will be invited to address the class.


Class attendance and participation 10%
In-class project presentation 20%
Mid-Term Examination 30%
Final Examination 40%