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MESP Honors students' presented their independent research on:
"The High-jacking of the Syrian Revolt" by Shawmaf Khubba
"The Lost Generation: The Syrian Civil War and Its Effects on Children" by Nora Sbeti
Thursday, April 23

MESP Majors and Minors:

Learn about the difference between
Sunnis and Shi`ites.

Why do Muslim women wear veils?
What is ISIS and why it's wrong?

- satisfy your Historical Survey requirement this summer
- Islamic Civilization is being offered as a HYBRID course
- 50% in class / 50% online
- May 30 - July 7
- in class TTH 1 - 2:55pm
- listed under 01:508:201, but counts for MESP
- contact Professor Russell Jones with any questions (srussjo@rci.rutgers.edu)

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